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I had chronic lower back pain for many years. My PCP recommended for back surgery, but I am very reluctant to do so.  I was referred to Dr. Spat by a friend.  Dr. Spat explained to me about prolotherapy for chronic back pain treatments.  After several treatments, my lower back pain had improved, and I was able to avoid having back surgery.

  - Kim N., Scottsdale, AZ.

  Miracle Worker. Dr. Tam Spat performs miracles. I had trouble walking for 2 months. I was stuck at home just sitting down on the chair day in and out and didn't know what to do. Dr. Tam Spat came to the rescue and fixed my feet ailments and helped me walk again. I still believe he performs magic. He's definitely a natural healer with his uplifting personality and his miracle works.  Thank you Doc!

    Coach Joel B., Phoenix, AZ.

  I was referred to Dr. Spat by my best friend for chronic pain. Dr. Spat not only was able to treat my pain, but he was also able to improve my vitality through customize a detoxification program. I feel much younger, happier, and full of life. In addition, losing weigh throughout the detoxification program was a plus for me.

  - Dana N. NOVA Professor, Rosslyn, VA.

 I’ve had insomnia for the past 6 years.  After seeing numerous physicians, trying many different medications with no results, I decided to try alternative medicine for my sleep problem.  I tried acupuncture with Dr. Spat and I slept eight hours the first night after the first acupuncture treatment.  I continue to see Dr. Spat for other ailments and with my recommendation so are my family members.

  Mary B, ICU nurse, Phoenix, AZ.

  I come to Scottsdale specifically to be under the care of Dr. Spat for naturopathic treatment. I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  After my surgery, I was experiencing chronic fatigue and anxiety. 

  Dr. Spat was not only able to help me with my fatigue syndrome, but also improve my quality of life.

  Joanna S, Mesa, AZ.

  I have several minor medical problems but all combined my days are very uncomfortable and my nights uneasy. I have had Irritable Bowel Syndrome since I was a teenager, an ulcerative condition, chronic UTI's and peripheral neuropathy. I do not tolerate pills or vitamins and they haven’t helped. I have been treated for these problems for years with conventional medicine with no relief. 

  Dr. Spat suggested I try different meditation and allow him to treat me with acupuncture and homeopathic medicine. After just a few treatments I felt relief. I was able to eat and tolerate a greater variety of food with no pain from IBS or ulcer. The symptoms of my peripheral neuropathy lessened and I felt generally at peace. I was surprised by the results and every acupuncture treatment improved my symptoms until I felt full relief from my IBS and ulcerative condition. Dr. Spat has enabled my body to heal and the entire process felt natural.

   Dr. Spat recommended exercise and meditation to preserve my newly found freedom from IBS. I continue to exercise, meditate and when life is more stressful I see Dr. Spat again for acupuncture.

   - Marianne D., Occupational Therapist, Chandler, AZ.

   Amazing! Yes, and that how I would like to describe my experience with Dr. Spat.  I had chronic knee pain for many years. My orthopedist surgeon recommended for a knee replacement. I didn't want to have my knee operate on. I decided to see Dr. Spat as my last hope to avoid having surgery.  After several treatments, my knee was pain-free, I didn't have to be in a wheelchair or use a walker, or cane for support.  Thank you Dr. Spat.

  Holly M., Apache Junction, AZ.

    Boy! I was lucky to be able to find Dr. Spat to treat my shoulder pain from sport injury.  Dr. Spat was kind, professional, and very direct with a plan for treating my shoulder pain. I'm now pain-free.  Would highly recommend Dr. Spat for therapy.

  Victor M., Surprise, AZ.

 I met Dr. Spat at my PCP's office while he was doing a rotation there. I was intrigued by his knowledge and understanding of Chinese medicine. I've had insomnia for quite a long time and I did not want to get hooked on Ambien.

I visited Dr. Spat's office for a consultation and decided to try acupuncture treatment for my insomnia.  To my astonishment, I slept in the treatment room for 2 hours.  The staff had to wake me up. That was the best 2 hours I have ever slept.  Dr. Spat was able to treat my insomnia, and other medical problems that I had .  Give Dr. Spat a chance, and he will help you get better.

  - Jillian R, Phoenix, AZ.


  Not everyone agrees that naturopathic physician is a 'real' doctor.  I was skeptical in coming to see Dr. Spat. I had pancreatic cancer Stage 4, it had spread everywhere in my body.  I was having palliative care at my doctor's office when a nurse working at the clinic told me that I should try alternative treatments. At first thought I said to myself she must be joking, and who would want to have 'quack' medicine. I was reluctant to go see Dr. Spat, but then I had one last wish, and that was to attend my daughter's wedding.

  I went to see Dr. Spat. He was very upfront with me from the beginning that he was not quite sure how I would be able to prolong my life so that I could dance at my daughter's wedding. He came up with a customize program just for me, we did make some minor change along the way.   The best new was that I was able to dance at my daughter's wedding and saw her smile. I will forever remember Dr. Spat for his kindness and compassion. Peace, love.  God bless you Dr. Spat.

  Bill W., Mesa, AZ. 

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